Non-combat casualties lead to inspections in Ukrainian army

28.01.2018, Donetsk.

Eduard Basurin informed on January 28 that the appearance of Kiev special commission in the Ukrainian army units became the reason for the decrease of the Ukrainian military combat activity, Donetsk News Agency reported.

Relative lull along the whole contact line we link to the arrival of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry’s integrated commission to the zone of the [so-called – Editor’s note]‘anti-terrorist operation’. The purpose of the inspection is to investigate the revealed cases of the large-scale theft of funds in the 30th Independent motorized brigade and simultaneous failure of nine armored vehicles in the 93rd Independent motorized brigade,” the DPR representative stated.

As Basurin informed, numerous cases of non-combat casualties in the Ukrainian army will be subject for inspection. Particularly, it refers to the explosion of the personnel and military vehicles. The Ural truck explosion deserves special attention. The truck that belonged to the Ukrainian army exploded on a mine of the Ukrainian nationalist units.

As it was reported earlier, the Ukrainian army fired 5 shells at the DPR position in the village of Spartak area (north of Donetsk).

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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