DPR: Ukrainian army is suffering loses in Gladosovo pocket

10.12.2017, DPR.

The Ukrainian army is suffering loses in the Gladosovo pocket, the Deputy Commander of the Donetsk People’s Republic Armed Forces (the DPR AF) Eduard Basurin stated during the presentation of a new situation report, the DPR AF press service informed on December 10.

After informing on 43 violations of the ceasefire in the Republic during the past day, Basurin stated that the Ukrainian army continues to hold the positions in Gladosovo and Travnevoye which have been occupied contrary in violation of the Minsk Agreements. Citing the Ukrainian army General Staff officers’ analysis, Basurin added that “the Ukrainian military’s presence poses problems not only for the peaceful residents of the occupied villages but also for the Ukrainian army servicemen themselves, for one because of the fact that these localities are far from the nearest [Ukrainian] positions, the absence of passable roads, because it is impossible to create fortifications there (as this territory is abuffer zone”, according to the Minsk Agreements), as well as that these villages are situated in the lowland area with respect to the DPR AF positions.”

Informing on the de facto blockade of the Ukrainian army’s 54th Brigade’s servicemen in the area of the occupied villages, Basurin explained, “The enemy is opening fire on the peaceful residents of Golmovsky and Zaytsevo, which forces us to respond using the non-prohibited weapons to suppress firing points. This results in the losses in the Ukrainian army’s 54th Brigade.”Having noted the impossibility of delivering the wounded to the hospital for timely medical assistance as a supplementary reason of the deaths of Ukrainian servicemen, the representative of the DPR’s press service granted that a part of the losses may be also caused by the Ukrainian National Guard’s anti-retreat troops’ actions.

Colonel Basurin addressed the mothers of the Ukrainian servicemen captured in the pocket, “Those who perished cannot be raised from the dead but those who are still in the pocket can be saved. You can stop the bloodshed and save your sons from the ignorant and wrong actions of the Ukrainian army Command only with your care for the living. Do not sit idle, condemn the unlawful actions of the Ukrainian Command! Save your sons’ lives!”

The territory of Travnevoye and Gladosovo, located in the buffer zone in accordance with the Minsk Agreements, was occupied by Ukrainian army’s 54th Brigade’s units on November 22.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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