"I am Democracy!" Maduro refutes accusations of dictatorship

29.11.2017, Venezuela.

The Bolivarian government has nothing to do with dictatorship, it is the guarantor of law, human rights and democracy, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro stated on November 28, at a meeting with workers and employees of the oil, gas and petrochemical industry, Venezolana de Televisión, a public television network, reports.

We are a guarantee of human rights, law and democracy. I am a democracy“, Maduro said.

During the meeting with workers of PDVSA, Venezuela’s largest state-owned oil and gas company in La Campina, Caracas, the head of the state said that the opposition accused former President Hugo Chavez of dictatorship.

No, we have never been and will not be dictators, because we are based on civil insurrection and the struggle against the authoritarian bourgeois state that ruled the country in the 20th century. We came to fight for democracy, for the rights of people, for the working class“, Maduro said.

He recalled that the Fourth Republic was established as a state which served the interests of the financial bourgeoisie.

They governed and ruled the country through a dictatorship and a fake, corrupted democracy“,  he added.

Maduro said that an economic war is being waged against the country. The Venezuelan economy is highly vulnerable due to its heavy dependence on oil revenues. According to the president, the conditions that created this situation were created by the government of the former republic.

The political turmoil, which is currently gripping Venezuela, has been further complicated by the economic crisis. The opposition, supported by the US, accuses the government, and Maduro personally, of dictatorship, and demands change of power. However, the opposition leaders refuse a direct dialogue with Caracas and seek to organize meetings in third-party venues. Often such meetings fail to take place and negotiations have to be postponed.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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