British Prime Minister refuses to publish report on funding of terrorism

06.07.2017, the UK.

Several British political leaders have condemned delaying the publication of a report on the allies of Britain funding Islamic terrorism, The Independent reported on July 4.

The report was commissioned by the former British Prime Minister David Cameron. It was to examine several Persian Gulf countries’ participation in funding terrorist groups in the UK.  According to The Independent, the report was ready six months ago. However, the Cabinet postponed its publication.

Such a decision was made because [the Ministers are] “considering advice on what is able to be published”. At the same time, it does not say when it will report an update. “…the report may never be published,” admitted the representative of the Home Office.

According to the leader of the British Green Party, Carolina Lucas, fear to damage relations with Saudi Arabia is the reason for such behavior. Ms. Lucas believes that the review should focus precisely on this country. As stated in the article, “Several British ministers have visited Saudi Arabia over the last year to cultivate trading relationships as the UK looks for post-Brexit trading partners .”

Over the past three months, three terrorist acts have been committed in Great Britain. The latter happened in early June, when 7 people were killed and more than 40 were injured during a minibus attack on pedestrians. Because of the terrorist attack, the country’s parliamentary elections were postponed. Commenting on this tragedy, the British prime minister said that five more terrorist attacks were prevented.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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