Essence of Time. Chapter 6

The ruling class of a given country needs a powerful state, because it has to endure competition from other ruling classes. It needs a strong and educated worker; it needs a strong soldier. And this is the meaning of Marx’s formula, that capital creates its own gravedigger.

But if capital, the ruling class, reads Marx and understands what is written, then it can scratch its head and ask itself: “And why should we move in the ascending current of history; why should we create our own gravedigger, when we can control regress, turn back historical time, suppress social potentials, primitivize society, work not as assemblers, but as destroyers, dispersers, and thus prolong our historic time?” In this lies the essence of this time, and this is why it is fair to address it with the great words: “this is your hour, and the power of darkness.” This is what the minority is busy doing.

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