China will discuss the threat of the US missile defense system in South Korea with Russia

04.07.2017, China.

PRC leader Xi Jinping left for a visit Russia on July 3 in order to discuss the threat posed by the US missile defense system in South Korea, the Chinese Xinhua agency reported on July 3.

“The deployment of the US missile defense system in South Korea seriously undermines the strategic safety interests of China, Russia, and other counties in the region,” Xi Jinping told the Chinese Xinhua agency. “Beijing and Moscow consistently oppose the deployment of the THAAD in the region, and we continue to urge the countries involve to stop installing the missile defense systems,” he added. The powerful radars can scan deep inside the territory of the PRC, undermining its security as well as the regional balance of power.

The United States’ THAAD mobile land-based missile defense systems intended for high altitude interception of medium-range missiles were transported to South Korea in March 2017. China has repeatedly expressed its opposition to the deployment of the US missile defense system near its borders, and it has urged the US to stop its deployment and dismantle the systems already installed. The US and South Korea, in their turn, explain that the THAAD is intended solely for protecting South Korea against North Korea. Russia supports China, standing against the deployment of American systems near its territory, and it is willing to co-operate with China on this issue.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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