European Parliament approves allocation of 100 million euros for the "democratization" of Moldova

04.07.2017, Moldova.

The European Parliament approved the allocation of 100 million euros for macro-financial assistance to Moldova, RIA Novosti news agency reported on June 4 citing the press service of the government of the Republic of Moldova.

Today, the European Parliament approved by a majority of votes the granting of macro-financial assistance to Moldova in the amount of 100 million euros,” reported the press service [of the Republic of Moldova] to journalists. As it was announced, 60 million euros will come in the form of credits, while 40 million in the form of grants. “I would like to congratulate everyone on the decision of the European Parliament to provide macro-financial assistance to Moldova … We must fulfill a number of conditions before receiving the first money transfer. There is a lot of work that needs to be done,” declared Pavel Filip, Prime Minister of Moldova, at a government meeting on July 4. The European Commission and the European External Affairs Service will monitor how Moldova fulfills the conditions for obtaining the first tranche. Among these are: observing human rights, democracy, combating corruption, and financial transparency.

Earlier, Moldovan President Igor Dodon, in an interview to Radio Liberty, accused the European Union of financing the “pro-European” government of the Republic. “Moldova gets a lot of support from our foreign partners, and I’m grateful to them for it. But very often, such support serves geopolitical interests and does not improve the lives of Moldovan people. It is intended to keep in power a number of corrupt officials and oligarchs,” said Dodon. He also said that he appealed to EU officials to freeze this “support” of 100 million euros.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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