National Interest observers urge to divide Syria into parts

26.06.2017, USA.

Syria should be divided into parts for the sake of peaceful settlement, claimed war observers Denis Dragovic and Richard Iron yesterday, on  June 25, in their article in the National Interest magazine.

“Breaking up the current Syrian state is the best way the various Syrian groups calling for self-rule can have their demands met,” stressed the analytics.

According to the experts, such a decision will allow to take into account the current international political situation status, in which foreign support is unable to maintain the status quo in Syria.

“‘Syria,’ as it was previously known, is dead,” stated the authors. “The country has traveled too far down a path that no amount of international goodwill can bring back.,” noted the analytics.

On  June 22, the Head of Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA ) Sergey Lavrov said during his meeting with internal Syrian opposition representative that external Syrian opposition has lost the opportunity to influence political processes inside the country.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency


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