Syrian and Russian military launches new operation in Syria

13.06.2017, Syria.

Syrian troops with the support of the Russian Federation launched a new operation in the east of the province of Hama in Syria on June 12, according to the Al-Masdar News portal.

With the support of the Marine Corps of the Russian Navy, the 5th and 11th Armored Division of the Syrian troops attacked the positions of the ISIL terrorist group (organization banned in Russia) near the village of Al-Bargusiye. Helicopters of the Russia’s Aerospace Force together with the Syrian military forced the terrorists to leave the village.

The Syrian government army is conducting an offensive in several directions. In addition to the offensive in the Hama area, President al-Assad’s troops are fighting in the Palmyra area, liberating settlements in the Aleppo area and participating in the encirclement of Raqqa.

On June 9, the Commander of Russian troops in Syria, Colonel-General Sergei Surovkin informed that the Syrian army liberated 83 settlements in the Aleppo area.


Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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