Large scale rally demanding the resignation of the president held in Brazil

05.06.2017, Brazil.

On Sunday in Sao Paulo, Brazil’s largest city, a rally-concert to demand early presidential elections and the resignation of Michel Temer, the head of state, was held. According to the organizers, about 100 thousand people took part in the action. On June 5, the Universo Online (UOL), a Brazilian Internet portal reported.

Brazilian musicians and dance groups entertained gathered protesters with singing and dancing. On the stage, artists called for early elections and chanted, “Down with Temer!“

On May 28, a similar rally with several thousand people took part in Rio de Janeiro, the second largest city of Brazil. The reason for the current protests was a corruption and money-laundering scandal which erupted mid-May. Joesley and Wesley Batista, entrepreneurs, relayed an audio recording to the Brazilian Federal Supreme Court. From this audio recording, it follows that Temer asked to bribe Eduardo Cunha, the former President of the Chamber of Deputies. Eduardo Cunha initiated the impeachment of Dilma Rousseff, the Brazilian ex-president. Furthermore, the police received a videotape, showing José Yunes, a special advisor to the president Temer, depositing a large amount of money in his suitcase.

A criminal case has been instituted against Temer on the following grounds: corruption, an attempt to obstruct justice and the organization of a criminal group. Opposition politicians forwarded a request for impeachment to the parliament. Temer denies the allegations and believes that the whole case is an invented, fabricated fake.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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