President of Venezuela creates commission to counter fascists

18.05.2015, Venezuela.

A special commission to counter “fascists attacking the country from abroad” has been created in Venezuela by order of President Nicolás Maduro addressed to the Foreign Minister of the Republic Delcy Rodríguez, the TASS news agency reports today, on May 17, with a reference to the Telesur TV channel.

“I charge you with setting up a commission to hold fascists accountable who attack Venezuela from Madrid, Bogota, Miami, Washington,” the Venezuelan President said.

“The Foreign Minister of Venezuela has been tasked with leading a ‘crusade’ against the fascists’ aggression and threats against Venezuelans.”

Nicolás Maduro emphasized the involvement of the US intelligence and authorities in aggressive behavior against Venezuela. Also, the Venezuelan leader stressed that “They [the attacks] are associated with right-wing governments, which, unfortunately, like Spain, are carrying out fascist aggression against the decent people of Venezuela.”

This is how Maduro reacted to the protests that took place in front of Venezuelan diplomatic missions across the world. Venezuelan emigrants took part in the protests. The protesters demanded that an end must be put to repressions against participants of anti-government rallies in the South American republic.

The protests in Venezuela were mainly triggered by decisions of the Supreme Court, which virtually authorized the President to act without consent of the Parliament, and which has assumed legislative authority.

Later, the Supreme Court reconsidered its latter decision.

The situation escalated after the President Maduro’s decision to summon the Constitutional Assembly, which is supposed to reform the system of government, and which has the authority to amend the Constitution.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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