South Korea wants to reestablish telephone communication with the North

18.05.2017, South Korea.

Official Seoul declared its intent to reopen telephone communication with North Korea via Panmunjom truce village on the countries’ border, the Rossiyskaya Gazeta reports on May 17.

The newly elected government of South Korea is looking for means to develop interstate relations on the Korean peninsula.

“The restoration of inter-Korean dialogue must start with the normal functioning of the Panmunjom communication site. There will be relevant announcement from the government soon”, said Yang Moon-jin, a professor at University of North Korean studies and consultant to newly elect president Moon Jae-in on the North Korea issues.

According to Yang Moon-jin, South Korea’s new government seeks to reduce hostilities and to begin diplomatic consultations to resolve crisis. Great hopes arise from the hotline coming online. “Once inter-Korean communication through the hotline takes place, the dialogue will be able to be expanded to working-level as well as high-level talks”, suggested professor Yang Moon-jin.

“You can maintain peace with a knife and a gun, but you can never make peace with them”, he stressed the uselessness of confrontation in the absence of mutual dialogue.

The communications site between North and South Korea began working in 1971. It ceased to function multiple times due to the situation escalating. Its main purpose is to provide direct communication without any bureaucratic barriers.

South Korea’s new government came with fresh perspectives on the topic of Korean crisis resolution. China has also gone searching for ways to establish dialogue. During a meeting at the the One Belt, One Road forum, which finished in Beijing on May 15, Chinese government advisor Yang Jiechi suggested to Park Byeong-suk, the vice-speaker to national assembly of the South Korea to begin bilateral relations “from a new starting point “.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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