Brazilian president tells about his predecessor’s removal

16.05.2017, Venezuela.

Brazilian President Michel Temer said in his interview, that his predecessor, Dilma Rousseff, fell from power as the result of political intrigue by the Supreme Court, according to the TeleSUR TV-Channel on May 16.

In his interview to the Bandeirantes TV-Channel on the first anniversary of his inauguration, President Temer, who came to power through a parliamentary coup, said that Supreme Court played a key role in the situation, despite the fact that it was supposed to act as a Constitution guarantor. All arguments for removing the legitimate president of the country were based only on one reason: she committed a crime using an “additional loan”, that is she transferred financial resources from one item of the budget to another. Additionally, she “delayed” loans to the [Central] Bank of Brazil in order to honor her financial duties before the farmers. There is no law specifying the term for approving loans to the [Central] Bank of Brazil.

President Dilma Rousseff, elected by 54 million Brazilian citizens, was removed from office through a vote in the Parliament on May 12, 2016. These days mark a year from the moment, when Mishel Temer became the Brazilian president as the result of the parliamentary coup.

The irony of it is that the deputy Eduardo Cunha, who played a significant role in removing Dilma Rousseff from power, has lost his deputy’s seat, and he is now serving a prison sentence. The verdict on his first case (in total, he has received sentences on at least six cases) warrants a fifteen-year-prison-sentence to the ex-deputy.

Instituto Datafolha’s polling shows, that only nine percent of population support Temer’s policies during this previous period. The present Brazilian leader is proposing to dismantle the existing pension system as a measure to get the country out of crisis. Until now, no measure undertaken by Temer has triggered economic growth or job creation. The country has not achieved income growth, nor has it succeeded in combating hunger and poverty.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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