The "Immortal regiment" will take place in Jūrmala on May 9

27.04.2017, Latvia.

The “Immortal regiment” march will take place in Jūrmala on May 9, stated the Head of the “For Independent Latvia” movement, Jānis Kuzins on April 25, according to TASS.

“Most veterans are no longer at the age and state of health which would allow them to attend the Victory Day celebration in Riga; therefore, we will hold the May 9 memorial in Jūrmala with the help of the ‘Immortal regiment'”, stated Jānis Kuzins.

The “Immortal regiment” march has taken place in Latvia for the second year, despite pressure from the authorities on the Russian-speaking population. A Russian-language school was closed on a charge of disloyalty in 2016 after participation of students in the “Immortal regiment” procession. A march of SS legionaries annually takes place in Riga, during which SS veterans commemorate the fallen Latvian legionaries, who fought in the war as a part of the Waffen SS. In general, according to a 2016 survey, one-third of the population thinks that a “revival of fascism” is taking place in the country.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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