Will rallies in memory of the victims of the terrorist attack become a tool of political warfare?

06.04.2017, Russia.

Russian maidan protesters (let’s call them this way, for the sake of clarity, for that’s what these same people tried to do back in 2011-2012, but failed: overthrow the authorities through street protests – Editor’s note) did not dare to gather political rallies after the terrorist attack in Saint-Petersburg, seemingly limiting themselves to howling online. But the memorial events are being gathered, and not only authorities engage in this.

A memory event in honor of those killed in the terrorist attack took place on April 5.

On April 6 journalist Sergey Dorenko is supposed to hold a memory event on Manezhnaya square in Moscow.

There is nothing wrong with the events as such, on the contrary. And the more civic and natural they are, the better. It is a good deed. Except, who said that this good deed cannot become a tool of political warfare?

Russian maidan protesters publicly discuss the possibility of coming to the memory rallies organized by the authorities and launch their own political campaigning.

The rallies in Saint-Petersburg and Moscow are not sanctioned, which can become a pretext for provocations. For example, if someone in the authorities will want to team up with the Russian maidan protesters (there’s quite a number of such people among the authorities), then this is, as you understand, a perfect pretext for doing this.

Finally, Dorenko’s rally is clearly politicized. And the place – Manezhnaya square – refers the participants to the protests of 2010 that can be called nationalist in the broader sense (note that Nazis were the striking force of the street protests in Kiev). And the organizer himself – Dorenko – isn’t going to formally define the event and, hopefully this is clear to everyone, he wouldn’t organize civil events without receiving not only approval, but a direct order (we shouln’t exclude anything, though).

On the other hand, there is a speculation, according to which Dorenko serves as a media cover for the authorities. But who said that the authorities themselves (or, rather, a significant part of the authorities) will not desire to organize a provocation? A colored revolution occurs not only on the streets, but also in the offices of the authorities, without which the street is not capable of anything.

In any case, the terrorist attack in Saint-Petersburg is a direct attack on Putin, in other words, an element of political warfare. And those who organized the terrorist attack will most certainly continue the offensive, inciting and destabilizing the process. Otherwise they wouldn’t have started it.

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