Terrorist attack in Saint-Petersburg is a direct attack on Putin

05.04.2017, Russia.

The terrorist attack in Saint-Petersburg metro occurred in an obvious connection to the President of Russia:

1) At the time of the explosion in the metro Putin was in Saint-Petersburg, visiting the media-forum of the All-Russia People’s Front and holding talks with the President of Belarus;

2) Saint-Petersburg is an important city to Putin, in which no such incidents occurred before;

3) The arrival of the head of the state means all law-enforcement agencies providing special security measures.

The fact that this terrorist attack, nevertheless, occurred, is a direct challenge to the authorities – terrorists wish to demonstrate that Putin is not in full control of the situation.

Only people acting in autopilot mode, without using their brain, or propagandists delivering a certain message, are able to claim in this situation that the explosion “is to Putin’s advantage.” The terrorist attack in Saint-Petersburg is a direct challenge to Putin’s authority, and to Russian statehood as a whole. For terrorists, by challenging the head of the state, undermine all of the state system as well, trying to prove its weakness and inadequacy.


Source: Friend lj

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