Essence of Time newspaper article series: The Right to Oxygen, all parts


This is the translation of the series of articles published in “Essence of Time” newspaper by Sergey Kurginyan on the new ongoing mutation of capitalism. Capitalism is destroying nation states in favor of a global state; it is destroying the family as an institution, and it is reformatting itself into something entirely anti-humanistic. In doing so, the new mutated capitalism, with its twin brothers, neofascism and radical Islamism, inevitably clashes with classic capitalism. Whose side should Communists be on in this battle?

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The Right to Oxygen. Part VII.


(If you haven’t already, please read Parts I, II, III, IV and V, VI first)

Having agreed with this [an anti-Putin conspiracy by the part of the Russian elite which agrees to merging with the West on inferior terms – translator’s note], the reader will immediately go down the well-traveled road from the notorious Washingtonian puppet-masters to the liberal pro-Western Russian elites. They’ll say that something similar happened on Bolotnaya Square in 2011-2012. It is what it is. Some threads of the conspiracy to overthrow Putin in order to guarantee Russia merging with the West on inferior terms and the victory of our local mutacapitalism have to stretch from the US to the extremely pro-Western part of our elite (AKA the anti-elite).

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The Right to Oxygen. Part VI

(If you haven’t already, please read Parts I, II, III, IV and V first)

So, is a coup against Putin in the works? Is this work intensifying? Are real steps being taken in this direction? What is the nature of these steps and of the forces taking these steps? It is necessary to look for the answer to these analytical questions within our reality. Specifically, the focus of this reality is located in Donbass, as the site where history has awakened. Let us examine what is happening at this site. And within the specifics, let us find the universal, which we have just discussed. Let us find that which allows us to recognize the existence of a real conflict between mutacapitalism and capitalist classicism, between the “inferior merger elite” (or, the anti-elite) and that which we have called the counter-elite.

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The Right to Oxygen. Part IV


Which will happen first: the emergence of an alliance between the new communists and the classical conservatives to combat mutacapitalism or the final merger between the mutacapitalists and the proponents of a questionable antiquity to install a liberal fascism?


The rapid turn events compels me to conclude this analytical report in this issue [of the Essence of Time newspaper], which is what I promised to the readers. However, events have taken a very peculiar turn. This has to do not just with Nemtsov’s murder, but also with what is already being drawn into the investigation of this murder.

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The Right to Oxygen. Part III


(If you haven’t already, please read Parts I and II)

We thus have defined the axis of the global process.

We have determined that this axis is the mutation of capitalism.

We then determined the principal contradiction within capitalism: the conflict between classical capitalism and mutacapitalism.

We then determined the nature of the unfolding struggle and the place within it of the two non-capitalist forces: the neo-communists (#3) and the neo-fascists (#4).

What is the practical significance of this theoretical model?

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The Right to Oxygen. Part II


(If you haven’t already, please read Part I before proceeding).

The first of these mutations is the transformation of classical capitalism into imperialism.

Lenin, having familiarized himself with the results of Hilferding’s research, characterized imperialism brilliantly in his work Imperialism, the Highest Stage of Capitalism. But, having thoroughly described this new stage as a mutation (“decay”, etc.), Lenin did not believe that capitalism would have the will to undertake a series of subsequent mutations. This was because such a series of subsequent mutations would rid capitalism of its basic and inalienable characteristics, its fundamental codes. Lenin thought that capitalism would hold steadfastly to these characteristics/codes. Capitalism, however, did not bother protecting them. Perhaps, this is in part because the works of Lenin, as well as the works of Marx, were read very carefully.

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The Right to Oxygen. Part I


Capitalism is mutating. On one hand, it exists, and we see that we live in the midst of it. On the other hand, it is rewriting its own fundamental codes. In fact, it’s doing so in such a profound way, that it has become unclear whether or not this is still even capitalism.


A physician is standing at a patient’s bedside and says “I see a certain ‘individual occurrence’ in the form of uncontrolled twitching of the muscles of the right leg. This twitching is becoming too forceful, and it may threaten the health of the patient. I recommend such and such interventions, which will allow us to get rid of this dangerous twitching. I see a different ‘individual occurrence’ in the form of uncontrolled twitching of the muscles of the left leg. This is also dangerous. I recommend such and such interventions to treat this new ‘individual occurrence’.”

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Escalation of the Global Gas War. Part XIV


It is clear that this alternative route from the Indian Ocean to the Pacific ocean would be almost 1200km shorter than the extremely overloaded Strait of Malacca


The announcement that private companies from China and Thailand are ready to begin construction of the “Thai Canal” through the Kra Isthmus between the Andaman Sea and the South China Sea attracted a remarkable amount of attention in the international press, and understandably so.

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