Syria war situation as of December 8, 15:30 CET

08.12.2016, Syria.

I24 News: Israeli Tel Aviv and Jaffa-based news service I24 News reported that one of the leaders of Syrian armed opposition thanked Israel for striking Mezzeh military base in Damascus province. Lawyer and high-ranking member of the Syrian Revolutionary Command Council Khaled Khalaf claimed “If Israel repeats what it did this morning [referring to the alleged strikes], in the coming days we will achieve victories against the regime.”

11:44 RIA Novosti. It is regrettable that international human rights defenders didn’t react to the attack on Russian hospital in Aleppo, Russian President Vladimir Putin claimed on Thursday.

Al Masdar. 4 districts are liberated from Jaish al-Fatah and Fatah Halab jihadists after heavy fighting on Wednesday. The video of this military operation was filmed by the official media department of Hezbollah on Wednesday. It features Syrian Armed Forces engage Fatah Halab militants in battle in Shekh Lutfi district of Aleppo.

12:28 TASS. Jabhat Al-Nusra (Jabhat Fateh al-Sham, organization banned in Russia), being surrounded by government forces in Aleppo, agreed to leave the city through the northern corridor – Castello road, Hezbollah-owned Al-Manar channel reports.

13:54 RIA Novosti. Syrian army servicemen, supported by allied militia units, continue to surround the last strongholds of bandits in southern Aleppo. According to RIA Novosti’s military source, currently the military are storming Al-Kalassa and as-Sukkari neighborhoods, where the remaining armed militants have entrenched after fleeing the historic area of the city.

SANA. Syrian President Bashar al-Assad stated in his interview that Western and regional states rely on Turkey in implementing their destructive project in Syria and in supporting the terrorists. If these countries fail in Aleppo, the tide of events will turn and will be the defeat for enemy’s plans in Syria.

Ruptly live video stream from Aleppo:

14:38 TASS. Syrian army and militiamen repelled today ISIL (organization banned in Russia) terrorists’ assault on oil facilities in the area of Palmyra (240 km away from Damascus). As the representative of Syrian Armed Forces Command noted to SANA news agency, ISIL (Organization banned in Russia) gangs were trying to break through to oil wells on several oil fields, but met resistance and were fought back.

Source: Syria and Iraq Wars Pulse Online

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