LPR People’s Militia: 2 Ukrainian army officers committed suicide

02.12.2016, Donbass.

2 Ukrainian army officers, who had served in the zone of Kiev’s punitive operation (so-called “antiterrorist operation” − Editor), committed suicide, a spokesperson of People’s Militia of Lugansk People’s Republic (LPR) Major Andrey Marochko informed Lugansk Information Centre. The officers served in the 2nd Battalion of the 93rd Brigade deployed near Novotoshkovskoye village.

According to Marochko, “we continue to receive the information indicating the low morale of the soldiers in the Ukrainian army units deployed at the contact line”.

Also, on the evening of December 1st, Ukrainian army serviceman crossed the contact line on a stolen infantry fighting vehicle and surrendered to LPR authorities. He did it not being able to withstand the pressure of nationalist militants and because of the condonation of the commanders.”

The spokesperson of LPR People’s Militia stressed that the information on desertion and non-combat losses is being concealed from the superior officers of the Ukrainian army.

But this time there was an information leak. Therefore, a commission of the Task Force staff of the Ukrainian army arrived in the unit to inquire into the causes,” Marochko informed.

Marochko informed earlier that Ukrainian army soldier committed suicide at the observation post in Bolotennoye village of Stanichno-Lugansky district. He also warned previously that the commanders of the Ukrainian units are concealing facts of desertion and increase of non-combat casualties among the personnel of the Ukrainian army in the zone of Kiev’s punitive operation from their superior officers.


Source: LuganskInformCenter

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