November 15 Essence of Time unit in Donbass report (with map)

15.11.2016, DPR.

The short-lived decrease of intensity of shelling of DPR territory by the Ukrainian army, which had to do with the rotation of units, concluded with a new escalation of the situation. The fire of the artillery of Armed Forces of Ukraine today was concentrated on the towns and villages in the south of the Republic.

In the evening AA gun fire was heard in the western outskirts of Gorlovka, presumably it downed a Ukrainian recon UAV. Ukrainian military shelled Avdeevka industrial zone, Staromikhailovka, Trudovskie and Aleksandrovka on the Donetsk sector of the front by various artillery systems. In addition to heavy weaponry the enemy fired IFV guns, grenade launchers and small arms. At noon punitive forces shelled Vasiliyevka north of Yasinovataya by mortars. Shell explosions were periodically heard in various areas of Donetsk area.

Belaya Kamenka village in the south of the Republic came under Ukrainian army’s artillery fire during the night. Right after noon for one hour straight the enemy shelled Kominternovo and Leninskoye villages. By the evening started the many hour-long shelling of Sakhanka and Bezymyannoye villages by 122mm and 152mm guns. As a result of damage to the main transmission line and gas pipeline several towns and villages were left without power and gas supply.

DPR recon registered three mortar positions on Donetsk direction near Novoselovka Vtoraya and Maryinka. Three D-30 howitzers were discovered in Avdeevka and Krasnogorovka. Besides that, approximately 50 Ukrainian Interior Ministry’s Sokol unit operatives arrived to Krasnogorovka to repress the local population outraged by the actions of Ukrainian military in the occupied territories.

According to updated information, on November 14 Armed Forces of Ukrainian opened fire at frontline areas of the Republic 876 times, including 332 times by artillery. The enemy fired at Zaytsevo near Gorlovka, Lebyazhie, Vasilevka, Spartak, Staromikhailovka, Trudovskie and Aleksandrovka near Donetsk, Belaya Kamenka, Leninskoye and Sakhanka in the south of DPR.


Essence of Time unit in Donbass

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