Donbass with Texas. Episode 14: “Unfinished War”

On June 22, 1941, Vsevolod Grigoriyevich Kozorez was a 15-year old kid from a small town of Putivl in Sumy region of Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic. He remembers that day very well and tells in detail how the radio announced that the war began and that the Nazi air forces starting bombing the cities of USSR. The days when Soviet people went to the frontline are forever stamped in his memory. Vsevolod Kozorez will never forget the days when the Germans entered the city and started executing communists, Jews, Gypsies…

Vsevolod Kozorez went to the front when he was 17 years old, he successfully fought against fascists during the Battle of Kursk (1943). He was among the liberators of Ukraine, Poland, Czechoslovakia, and Berlin. Seeing the desecration of the memory of the heroes of the Second World War in the countries of Eastern Europe, the rise of Bandera Nazis to power in Ukraine, Vsevolod Kozorez understands that the world is witnessing the revenge of fascism. The war against the Nazi beast is not over.

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