Latvian Neo-Nazi visited the Holocaust Museum in Washington

19.04.2016, USA.

The Holocaust was an unthinkable tragedy of the Jewish people“, stated the speaker of the Latvian Parliament Inara Murniece on April 13 when visiting the Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, reports REGNUM news agency.

On March 16, 2016 Inara Murniece participated in laying flowers at the grave of the Latvian Legion Waffen SS. Earlier, on January 27 (the day of Holocaust remembrance) she also took part in the presentation of the book “Beyond These Gates the Earth Groans. Salaspils Camp 1941-1944”, in which “debunked the myths” about the Nazi death camps in the Baltic States, which, in the opinion of the authors of the book, were not actually the death camps.

America, probably, still has not heard the words of the petite female politician, who urged to once again rehabilitate the Waffen SS Nazis:

The legionnaires delayed the advance of the Soviet army, allowed refugees to evacuate and did not commit any war crimes,” stated Murniece on March 16, 2016 during her speech in Lestene, where the remains of the legionnaires are buried.


Source: REGNUM

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