Why did anti-NATO activists come to the Ukrainian rally in Buenos Aires? Opinion

26.02.2023, Buenos Aires, Argentina

The arrival of people protesting against NATO’s presence in Ukraine at an anti-Russian rally organized by the Ukrainian embassy in Buenos Aires is linked to the deplorable condition of the so-called leftist forces in Argentina, Latin America and around the world, Rossa Primavera News Agency says in a February 25 editorial.

The demonstration was organized by the Ukrainian embassy in Buenos Aires. The International Socialist League (LIS) took part in it. The posters of one of its members, the Socialist Workers’ Movement of Argentina (MST), read: “NATO! Get out of eastern Ukraine“. The posters of the other members of the league called for an end to Russia’s special operation in Ukraine.

“The scandalous – for the Ukrainian embassy – presence of anti-NATO posters at the anti-Russian action on the one hand can be explained by the insane mess that the ideology of those forces that now call themselves leftists has turned into. It includes Trotskyism, feminism, Peronism, and eco-socialism. That’s why one member of the league stands with a ‘NATO out’ placard and another with ‘Russia out’.”

And on the other hand, the fake pacifism of these pseudo-leftist forces. After all, some of them say, “And we are both against the Russian special operation and against NATO in Ukraine. We want Ukraine to be a free and independent country.

First of all, who doesn’t want this? Secondly, the state coup, which was clearly driven by neo-Nazi forces, is nowhere to be seen in this picture. And then Kiev spent years shelling Donetsk by “Grads” and “Tochka U”, which before the shelling was a city of millions of people. These very inconvenient facts violate the pacifist pathos of their claims,” the commentary says.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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