Latvian Neo-Nazi visited the Holocaust Museum in Washington

“The Holocaust was an unthinkable tragedy of the Jewish people”, stated the speaker of the Latvian Parliament. America, probably, is still yet to hear how she praised Waffen SS on March 16, 2016 in Lestene, Latvia, where the remains of Nazi legionnaires are buried: “The legionnaires delayed the advance of the Soviet army, allowed refugees to evacuate and did not commit any war crimes.”

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War Diary by Russell Bentley (“Texas”): The Lesson of Grom and Shiba

Grom and Shiba did not know each other before the war. Grom was a truck driver in Donbass, Shiba had businesses in Moscow, and had moved there. But as soon as the war in Donbass broke out, Shiba returned to Donetsk and joined the Army – Vostok Battalion and Essence of Time. Grom and Shiba worked together, and they were quite a pair, like Socrates and Hercules, and always with a smile and a joke.

On Easter Sunday, April 12th, 2015, near the airport, while driving a TV crew in a clearly marked civilian car, the Ukrainian Army opened fire on them with anti-tank rockets. The journalists in back were relatively unharmed. Shiba and Grom both lost their legs. And now they’re back, not just in Donetsk, but in the Army, and they’re going back to the Front, because even if they’re still getting used to their new legs, their trigger fingers work just fine. And they’re smiling all the way. How do people overcome such challenges? Well, it takes a strong and heroic nature, of course, but it is almost impossible to do without one other factor.

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