A video glorifying the Nazi SS was released in Latvia

21.03.2016, Latvia.

In honor of the so-called Remembrance day of the Latvian Legion of the SS, the neo-Nazi National Association posted the video “On March 16, let’s say thanks to the Latvian legionaries”, informs the portal Rus.tvnet.lv.

The recent video, which shows how the representatives of the Association with flowers, diplomas and gifts visit the “heroes of the occasion”, periodically replaced by footage of archive footage, where you can easily see people dressed in the uniform of the SS Latvian Legion. The video is accompanied by a rousing Nazi march.

It should be noted that the National Association is not a small marginalized organization, but is part of a ruling coalition. In addition, three members of the Association hold Minister offices, and another one is the head of Parliament, who is currently the acting President of Latvia.

Earlier, on March 16, a major event occurred in the Latvian capital in memory of the Nazis who belonged to the troops of the Waffen-SS. Several hundred residents of Riga participated in the event. Supporters of fascism — mainly elderly people — marched from St. John’s Church in Old Riga to the Freedom monument. The marchers brought posters and flowers to the venue. Many of them came with the flags of Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania.


Source: Regnum

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