Essence of Time unit in Donbass. The Beginning. Feldsher

Do I regret that I had left my former normal life and come to Donetsk? No, I would do the same again. I was very influenced by Sergei Kurginyan’s words: when invaders come, some people meet them by rolling out the red carpet, by offering them bread and salt, others obediently bow their heads, but there are also people who become partisans. That’s why I had no hesitation when I heard his appeal: “Everyone who is ready to fight, go to the South-Eastern Ukraine.”

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Bavarian beer producer suspected of using Nazi symbols as a publicity stunt

The drink is called “Grenzzaun”, which in German stands for “fence on the border”, referring to the migrant crisis, and was supposed to cost 88 cents and expire on November 9 the night of the bloody pogrom against Jews in 1938. The migrant crisis is often linked to the rise of the popularity of far-right parties and ideas, up to Nazism. The far-right forces will be using the popular discontent with the refugees to their political advantage. Something similar happened in the past, in particular, in German history, when fascists came to power in 1930s. We all know what this led to – murders, pogroms, the Holocaust.

The photo depicts the morning after the pogrom of November 9, 1938.

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