Estonian "Soldiers of Odin" have decided to replace the police

12.03.2016, Estonia.

A non-profit organization (NPO) “The Soldiers of Odin” (MTU Soldiers of Odin Estonia) registered in Estonia aspires to carry out the functions of police and law enforcement. This was reported on March 8 by news agency INTERFAX with reference to the Postimees newspaper.

The “soldiers” are listed in the state business registry, which means that the organization received an official legal status.

This private organization is registered by activist initiative. Any person of 21 years or older can join the NPO. Note that having no criminal record or time in prison is not a requirement – criminals are free to join the organization as well.

The Charter states the following objectives: increase of safety on the streets, crime prevention, protection of the rights of citizens, as well that the “Soldiers of Odin” are going to work on securing a safe living environment.

The “Soldiers of Odin” is not an Estonian invention, it is quite an all-European movement, with an increasingly extensive nature. It originated in Finland in 2015 after numerous reports of refugees assaulting European women appeared in the media. The name refers to the ancient pagan Norse God, Odin. In Finland, the movement was supported by the nationalist organization “True Finns”. The NPO expanded throughout all of Europe, and is most popular in Scandinavia and the Baltic States. “Soldiers of Odin” use the symbols of vikings, national flags. They use black jackets as their uniform.

Activists are going to patrol the streets.

The authorities of Estonia were skeptical about this organization, reminding that these actions must be performed by the police, besides, there already exists a paramilitary organization “Kaitseliit”, which is also composed of volunteers.

Despite this, the “Soldiers of Odin” are registered and have received official status. They also do not care about the criminal past of its members in contrast to the “Kaitseliit”.

According to the newspaper Postimees, several thousands of Estonian citizens expressed their support of the NPO on social media, among them more than one hundred and eighty have a criminal record. The newspaper notes that these people are only the ones who were not afraid to publicly express their support.

Fascism approaches without hiding behind masks.



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