The schism in the "Right Sector"

22.01.2016, Ukraine.

As the official website of the “Right Sector” (the extremist neo-Nazi organization banned in Russia) informs, some of the militants of this armed group are leaving to join other splinter units.

An unknown person with the call-sign “Chestny” (“Honest”) has created battalions West (Zakarpattia), West-2 (Lvov), West-3 (Ivano-Frankovsk) and West-4 (Volhynia). Supposedly, these are to be based in West Ukraine.

The report stated that members of the “Right Sector” remain in the ranks of these structures, however, these structures were formed at the personal initiative of individual commanders and have separate leadership.

We declare that we are not responsible for their actions and do not comment on them,” announces the website.

In December 2015, Dmitry Yarosh, the former leader of the organization, left the “Right Sector” and announced the creation of a new organization. On January 15, 2016, a militant of the “Right Sector”, Alena Belozerskaya, stated on her Facebook page that the working title of the new organization is the “Dmitry Yarosh National Movement”.

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