HIV patients near the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine demand medicine to survive

22.01.2016, Kiev.

On January 20, HIV-infected patients gathered near the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine to try to draw attention to the problem of lack of medicine, according to Ukrainian media.

This year the government allocated only 30% of the required resources for medicine for the HIV-positive. Thus, basically the rest 70% will die before the end of the year“, stated the head of the all-Ukrainian Network of People Living with HIV/AIDS Dmitri Sherembey. According to him, patients can’t buy medicine neither at the pharmacy nor on the black market, despite the fact that the government has the ability to buy them: “We demand that the government fulfill its promises, for example, using the funds currently used for the comfort of the Cabinet.” “If these people want to survive, they are forced to have to leave Ukraine“, stated the head of public organization.

Those affected by AIDS had previously gathered by the walls of the Cabinet in the summer of 2015, however the problem is still not solved. In the event of the termination of therapy, the infected person is exposed to the risk of infecting others.

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