"LuganskWater": Kiev stopped water supply to LPR from Western Filtering Station

05.01.2016, LPR.

According to the director of Lugansk People’s Republic state company “LuganskVoda” (“LuganskWater”) Vladislav Chepelenko, the Ukrainian side has stopped all supply of water to LPR from the Western Filtering Station situated in Lisichansk area. He added that the water supply from the Kiev-controlled Petrovsky waterworks has also been reduced by half.

Their (junta’s) water supply pipes between Western Filtering Stations 2 and 3 on Ukrainian territory are damaged and they are completely shut down. They stopped it completely, we don’t receive water supply,” Chepelenko noted.

The Ukrainian side provides no details on the incident.

Currently seven towns and villages of LPR receive no or little water supply. In addition to that, the supply of water to center of Lugansk and a part of Kamennobrodsky region is reduced.


Source: TASS

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