Head of Ukrainian state gas company calls Russian gas supply to freezing city “fake” and “propaganda”

05.01.2016, Ukraine.

The head of the state gas and oil company “Naftogaz of Ukraine” Andrey Kobolev stated that Russian gas supply to the freezing Genichesk city of Kherson oblast is “fake”. On his Facebook page he wrote that the gas supply is nothing more than “Russian propaganda” and promised to make an official statement later. In the same Facebook post he for some reason elaborated that it would be great for Ukrainians to start spending time talking in Ukrainian language at least until the end of winter.

The head of the Russian company “Chernomorneftegaz” which is organizing the gas supply, Igor Shabanov, has informed that the supply of Russian gas to south-Ukrainian city Genichesk started at 22:40 on December 4. Up to 20 thousand additional cubic meters of gas the city needs will be supplied per day. The Deputy head of Genichesk regional state administration Aleksey Syshenkov has confirmed that the required amounts of gas are being supplied from Crimea to Genichesk.

The mayor of Genichesk is now denying having asked the Russian President of help. He claims that he had only asked Kiev to solve the problem.
According to Ukrainian Ministry of Regional Development, 1.8 thousand residents of apartment buildings and 400 residents of private houses in Genichesk lost access to heating after pressure in the gas pipes dropped due to severe colds. 1,5 thousand household were lacking gas supply on Monday evening.
Source: RIA Novosti

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