Head of Crimea: Approximately 14,000 cubic meters of gas already supplied to Genichesk

05.01.2015, Crimea.

Residents of Crimea are ready to support the Ukrainian people in hard times – approximately 14 thousand cubic meters of gas have already been supplied to south Ukrainian city Genichesk, the Head of Crimea Sergey Aksyonov said on Tuesday. The gas pressure in the city wasn’t enough for heating to work properly due to a dramatic decrease in temperature.

“The residents and the government of Ukraine are absolutely different people. We are ready to support the people of Ukraine in hard times,” said the Head of Crimea on Tuesday. “They are not alien to us, regardless of nationality, they also want to live in a normal successful country. Unfortunately, they don’t have luck, just like us until recently. But we think, regardless of relations between the government of Ukraine and our authorities, the citizens of Ukraine must not suffer,” he added.

Aksyonov reminded that gas was being supplied from Crimea to south of Ukraine last year as well. “Approximately 330 thousand cubic meters of gas were supplied to Genichesk back then. Same thing this year, as soon as we received the request to help our neighbors in hard times, I reported to the head of our country. The President has made the decision to resume the supply,” Aksyonov stated.
Source: RIA Novosti

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