"Donbass with Russell Bentley ('Texas')". Episode 1: "Blesna" (trailer)

Texas and Altay (“Essence of Time” DPR) launch a new series about Donbass. You will see how those who defend the People’s Republics live, and how those whom they defend live – children, teachers, doctors, miners. You will see all of this through the eyes of an American who fell in love with this country and with these industrious people.

The first episode is about the life of Donetsk People’s Republic servicemen on the front line. Texas has purposefully arrived to “Blesna” position where he fought this spring – which is what he will talk about.


This is what the first episode of our series “Donbass with Russell Bentley” is called: “Blesna.” See the full episode tomorrow, on December 8, 2015.

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