Pyotr Poroshenko promised to stop trade with Crimea

23.11.2015, Kiev.

Pyotr Poroshenko promised to stop trade with Crimea. This was the demand of protesters gathered on November 21 near the city administration building Kiev. After the positive response from the leader of Kiev junta, the protest came to an end.

For 40 minutes we had a conversation with the President. We discussed all issues. The President has promised to take the situation under his personal control,“ said Refat Chubarov, who is presenting himself as a representative of Crimean Tatar People after talking to Poroshenko who considers himself to be a President.

The President will instruct the Cabinet to take measures to stop the trade with Crimea,“ added his companion Mustafa Dzhemilev. He also said that access to the destroyed electricity pylons in Kherson region will be provided as soon as the activists receive the order to do so. After this he thanked the protesters.

Several hundred people took part in the rally. Judging by the shouts of people, they were not fully aware what they were doing here. They chanted: “Hands off from the Crimean Tatar activists”, “Gang – Get out”.

“I came here from the ‘Maidan’. There was a concert, but it was cancelled. Then a ‘town’s meeting’ started. That’s when they called us here,” one of the protesters said to reporters.

Source: TASS

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