Lugansk Center for the homeless gives shelter to 50 people every day

23.11.2015, Lugansk.

Lugansk City Reintegration Center provided a place to stay for the night to those in need about 11,000 times since the beginning of the year, according to the Center’s director Elena Kozlova.

From the beginning of the year the accommodation services were provided 11,000 times by the department of night stay,” she stated. “Every day, from 30 to 40 people spend the night in the department. In winter this figure rises to 60 people.

The main requirement for those who need a place to stay for the night is giving up alcohol and the subsequent passing of the medical examination,” stated Kozlova.

The director noted that 355 people are currently registered in the reintegration center.

13 of them have been registered in nursing homes. Also, during this period we have restored nine passports, and 102 people received registration,” she stated.

Kozlova explained that most of the citizens become homeless because they lose their families, don’t have close relatives, due to family conflict, or had been recently released out of prison.

The purpose of the Center is social integration of homeless people into society, taking into account their individual needs,” she stated.

The department of social reintegration has the task of providing services of temporary accommodation, food, of clothing and footwear, psycho-diagnostics, assistance in getting a job, assistance in getting an education,” noted the director of the Center.

She added that the Center also assists in the recovery of lost documents and helps to obtain a new passport.

The address of the municipal institution “Lugansk City Center for Reintegration of Homeless People” is 10 Shchadenko street.


Source: LuganskInformCentr

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