Kiev junta cut all electricity supply to Crimea

22.11.2015, Crimea.

According to TASS news agency, a blackout happened in Crimea on the night between November 21 and 22. There is no electricity in Yevpatoria, Feodosia and many large cities, including Simferopol and Sevastopol after “unknown men” blew up the two remaining transmission towers in Kherson region of Ukraine.

The “unknown men” blew up the other two transmission towers on Friday, after which the site was occupied by Crimean Tatar activists and neo-Nazi “Right Sector” extremists who prevent the emergency services from restoring the power supply.

“CrimeaEnergy” confirms the fact of blackout. The director of the company, Viktor Plakida, said: “Crimea has no electricity supply, I can’t tell you the details right now.

Reserve electricity sources are being enabled, including mobile generators and power plants. Critical infrastructure is being supplied with power first.


Source: TASS

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