Spartak and Gorlovka: attacks by Kiev junta punitive forces

24.11.2015, DPR.

On the night between November 22 and 23, the outskirts of Gorlovka and Spartak village, located near the Donetsk airport, were shelled by Kiev punitive forces, residents of these settlements reported to Donetsk News Agency.

The situation on that night was as follows:

We were shelled by mortars and tanks until 24:00 (12 AM), machine guns fired through the night. Recently we have been trying to not leave the house unless we needed to,” told a resident of the village Spartak.

Gorlovka residents told of the shelling of the western suburbs of the city in the recent days: “The strong explosions were heard in the western part, shots were fired from the Dzerzhinsk side, mainly the work of tanks.

This night, on November 24, according to Donetsk People’s Republic servicemen, Donetsk was shelled throughout the night (including by 120mm mortar shells) from the direction of Opytnoye, Avdeevka, Peski. A firefight lasted the whole night in Promzona, Spartak, in Donetsk airport and in Volvo-Center area.


Source: Donetsk News Agency, DPR Servicemen

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