Police officer stabbed in a clash with nationalists in Kherson region, Ukraine

22.11.2015, Kherson.

Police colonel was stabbed in the back during a clash between law enforcement officers with the Crimean Tatars and “Right Sector” militants. This became known from a published post in the social network Facebook by the Head of the Drug Enforcement Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Ilya Kiva.

A police colonel was injured when the protesters attacked the police; he was stabbed from behind in an attempt to seize his weapon,” he wrote.

The unrest began on November 20 after two electricity transmission towers which supply electricity to Crimea were blown up by unknown criminals. Repair crews, which were sent for reconstruction, were blocked by Crimean Tatar activists and militants of the extremist neo-Nazi organization “Right Sector“, blocking the destroyed electric power line. Regional authorities sent special forces to the site of clashes in order to push the protesters away.


Source: TASS

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