Ceasefire violations in Donbass reach levels recorded prior to ceasefire

22.11.2015, Moscow.

Alexander Lukashevich, Russian Permanent Representative to the OSCE Permanent Council on the situation in Ukraine, said that the number of violations of the ceasefire reached the level recorded before the ceasefire on 1 September. At the same time, the primary responsibility for the more and more frequent shelling is on the Kiev junta.

We share the concern over escalation of the situation in Donbass,” said Lukashevich, The level of violations of the ceasefire takes us back to the period before the truce, declared in connection with the new school year. Ukrainian military fire “Grad” multiple-rocket launch systems, mortars of various calibers, other weaponry.

Lukashevich also pointed to the resumed shelling of residential areas and schools. The shelling occurs more frequently during the day, when the streets of Donetsk, Gorlovka and other cities of the Donbass are full of people, said the representative of the Russian Federation to the OSCE.

At the same time, the diplomat said that the primary responsibility for the more frequent shelling, the redeployment of military hardware in the security zone, electromagnetic interference against the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission drones and other violations is largely on the Ukrainian side.


Source: TASS

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