Dmitry Peskov: Netherlands Security Council’s report on MH17 cannot be called objective

13.10.2015, Moscow.

Presidential Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov: The report on the Boeing crash in Ukraine from the Security Council (SC) of The Netherlands is biased due to the fact that the Russian side wasn’t involved in the investigation of the accident.

We are disappointed that our Russian experts were not involved in the investigation,” Peskov told to reporters.
He noted that this investigation cannot be called “objective and comprehensive“.

Regarding the statement from the Ukrainians about the perpetrators, a Spokesman for the Russian President noted the inadmissibility of labeling and guilt refer to completion of the investigation.

He stressed that the blatant disregard of the evidence presented by Almaz-Antey” evidences of the bias and deliberately biased approach” of the report from SC of The Netherlands.

The Security Council of the Netherlands, under whose leadership the past 15 months had been investigated the causes of the Boeing crash, released a report on the disaster on Tuesday. Chairman of the Security Council of the Netherlands Tibbe Yustra said that the plane was shot down by a missile of SAM “Buk”. The report notes that the missile was fired from the territory in the east of Ukraine, but it is not specified, under whose control it was. On Tuesday the Russian producer of “Buk”, “Almaz-Antey”, unveiled its report. According to the conclusions of the expert group, the missile was launched from the territory controlled by the Kiev junta.

Source: RIA Novosti

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