The rule of Italian fascism. Political formation and fascist practices. Part I

Editor’s note: The migrant crisis creates a new Europe. Right-wing parties already win elections – like in Switzerland. The success of more radical, extreme right wing is a matter of time and pressure caused by the refugees on the European countries, which number keeps growing. However, once Europeans believe in the solutions proposed by right wing and ultra-right parties and let them into the government, there will be no way of getting them out. Their methods never change – violence and political terror. They will never leave the power, once they get it. Unfortunately, there is no strong resistance from the inside Europe that could stop them once they are in power. Moreover, any resistance will be suppress by the ultra-right. In XXI century, the cost that the world would pay for buying into what new right politicians promise Europe, would be dramatically higher than the one world paid in XX century. We need to search for solution! We need a new answer to the most dangerous challenge of the XXI century.

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Weapons become an element of political struggle in Ukraine yet again

On the eve of local Ukrainian authority elections an incident occurred in Odessa which is more and more characteristic of the current situation in the country: the public office of one of the candidates to the deputy post of the Mayor’s office was burned by petrol bombs.

Ukrainian punitive judicial system has destroyed hundreds of people for political reasons in the past year – part of them are now arrested, another part has simply disappeared. It is no surprise that the political conflicts can now be solved by violent means as well, with the connivance or silent approval of the law enforcement.

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Mass protests continue in Kiev

“Radical party” representatives and their supporters are protesting near the Cabinet of Ministers building in Kiev for three days now. Some of the protesters, the supporters of the “Party of ordinary people”, have marched some 350km to Kiev from Poltava by foot. They protest against yet another rise of tariffs for Ukrainian citizens.

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