Russia does not agree with Conclusions of the report by Security Council (SC) of The Netherlands on the missile warhead that hit MH17

13.10.2015, Russia.

Russia has disagreed with conclusions of the report from Security Council of The Netherlands on the model of the warhead and missile which brought down the Malaysian Boeing in eastern Ukraine the comments of Russian Federation Federal Air Transport Agency in the annex to the document read.

As noted in the result of the investigation of the crash by the SC of the Netherlands, the crash was caused by the explosion of a warhead type 9N314M, mounted on a rocket series 9M38 or the later modification 9M38M1.

Russian Federal Air Transport Agency’s comments claims that The set percentage of the sub munitions of various types extracted from the aircraft structure, does not coincide with the expected result for the warheads 9N314M of the rocket 9M38M1“.

The report does not analyze the characteristics of foreign objects (shape, steel grade, number): that is why the report can not provide sufficient evidence to conclude that the fragments extracted from the aircraft belong to warhead 9N314M of the rocket modification 9M38M1“, – the document reads.

Earlier Tuesday, representatives of concern Almaz-Antey” presented its report, which states that the Boeing had been hit by a missile 9M38, fired from the area at the time of the crash controlled the Kiev. Group noted that the nature of the debris damage can show that the liner has been hit by any other rocket but 9M38 missile and it is not in the Russian Armed Forces.

Source: RIA Novosti

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