Vladimir Putin: Ceasefire gives hope that the conflict in Donbass will be solved

02.10.2015, Moscow.

The President of Russian Federation Vladimir Putin has stated that the condition which gives confidence that the crisis in Ukraine will be solved is the ceasefire: “The resolution is still far away, but there are things which give confidence that the crisis might be overcome, and the most important is that there is no shooting today. We will hope that the dialogue between these unrecognized republic and Kiev authorities will be positive after all. And the main condition for reaching any compromise – direct dialogue – will be followed. We will hope for this and will rely on good will of both sides.”

During the Presidential Human Rights Council Vladimir Putin has also stated that the decree on crossing the border for children of Donbass with providing them with medical treatment in Russia will be prolonged. The member of Human Rights Council Elizaveta Glinka has earlier asked the President to prolong this decree.


Source: RT

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