Exhibition of works of photojournalists murdered by Ukrainian army to take place in Donetsk

10.09.2015 08:09, Donetsk.

An exhibition of works of photojournalists who were killed during Kiev junta’s punitive operation in Donbass will take place in Donetsk on September 12, on the occasion of the International Day of Journalists’ Solidarity. The International Day of Journalists’ Solidarity  is marked on September 8 each year – the day Czechoslovakian journalists Julius Fuchik, the author of Reports Written Under the Noose“, was executed by Nazis in 1943.

We will hold a photo exhibition of the works of correspondents who have died in Donbass doing their duty,” Sergey Kondrykinsky, the leader of the “Young Republic” civil society organization, has said. “Photos made by Andrey Stenin will be among the works exhibited.

Apart from that we will record a video address to all journalists – the active youth will be able to express their wishes and suggestions to them,” the head of the youth wing of “Donetsk Republic” movement has said. A requiem rally will take place during the exhibition.

Andrey Stenin was a Russian journalist who worked in Donbass. According to the Russian Investigative Committee, he was murdered by the Ukrainian army when the latter opened heavy fire at a refugee column which was fleeing Snezhnoye city and which Stenin was with. He was the fourth Russian journalist murdered in Ukraine in the first several months of Kiev junta’s punitive operation in Donbass.


Source: Donetsk News Agency

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