Central square in Kishinev is filled with protesters again

10.09.2015 00:01, Kishinev.

Approximately a thousand people have gathered on the square before the government building in Moldova. The stage has been raised here. Protest leaders are rising to the stage and give speeches. The contact group of the civil DA (“Dignity and Truth”) civil platform is prepared to start the negotiations with the President of the country Nikolay Timofti, Parliament speaker Andrian Kandu and prime-minister Valery Strelets.

The number of tents has increased; people bring food to the protesters and raise money for them.

The attempts of the council to meet with Timofti and Kandu failed on Wednesday afternoon. One of the DA platform members, former MP Valentin Dolganyuk has noted during the negotiations with presidential adviser Vlad Tsurkanu that “the fact that the government is not willing to hear out the protesters might cause even greater social tension.”

Destabilization is possible in Moldova. There is nothing we can do to control the points of tension.

Another DA platform representative Andrey Nastase has noted that the attempts of the contact group of the protesters to meet with the president, Chairman of the Parliament and prime-minister of the country are exhausted. For this reason the organizers of the rally have put the responsibility for the consequences of the protests on the Moldovan authorities. Strelets and Kandu are supposed to hold a press-conference on Thursday during which they want to comment on the demands of the protesters and touch upon the social-economic situation in the country.


Source: RIA Novosti

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