Thousand opponents to Minsk Agreements protest near Parliament in Kiev

31.08.2015 08:46, Kiev.

The opponents of the constitutional reform required by Minsk agreements, which were signed by Ukraine, are picketing the Verkhovnaya Rada (Ukrainian Parliament – ed.) building.

“Svoboda”, “Samopomosh” party’s and Oleg Lyashko’s “Radical party” Parliament members have organized a protest on Constitution square. The MP’s themselves are stating that they will not allow the changes to be made in the Constitution – specifically, for a special status to be granted to Donbass.

It bears reminding that the Kiev junta came to power by violating the Ukrainian Constitution: by illegitimately bringing down the legitimately elected president, by putting unprecedented pressure on members of the Parliament, by using violence and massive propaganda in the mass media.

Now the loyal supporters of the Kiev junta stand on the streets holding posters “No to the special status of Donbass!”

The entrance to the Rada building is currently guarded by reinforced National Guard and police patrols.


Source: TASS

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