DPR: Kiev had no intention of giving special status to Donbass all along

30.08.2015, DPR.

Kiev junta had no intention of giving special status to Donbass, it delayed the implementation of Minsk Agreements to buy time, according to the head of Donetsk People’s Republic Aleksandr Zakharchenko.

That was a foregone conclusion (no special status for Donbass – ed.). Kiev has done everything to delay Minsk Agreements implementation, to buy some time.

He added also that DPR has done everything on its part to come to an agreement with Kiev.

All our propositions have been turned down so far. Still, 18th of October elections will take place, yet they will be under our laws.

Earlier Pyotr Poroshenko, Ukrainian President, said that the forthcoming amendments to the Constitution will not include anything on giving a special status to Donbass. “We are going to remove Article 92, which stipulates provision of the special status for certain localities”, – said Poroshenko on Saturday in an address to territorial communities representatives. 


Source: RIA Novosti

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