12.06.2015 Donbass: Russell Bentley (“Texas”) talks about churches, his first battle and friends he lost in the battle [EoT TV DPR]

Militiaman from the US, Texas, visits the church near the Donetsk airport, now controlled by the Donetsk People’s Republic and talks about the first attacks of the Ukrainian fascists that he experienced when he joined the militia and about the destroy of churches in Ukraine.

The number of churches destroyed by the Kiev junta in Donbass as of January 6, 2015, was at least 10; 70 churches were damaged in shellings. The current number is not yet known. But more than that: churches get raided by Nazis all over Ukraine. Priests get persecuted. All of this is a natural extension of fascism. Fascism brings paganism. Supposedly “pre-Christian” religions of Ukraine get promoted – the Ukrainian neo-paganism known as “RUN-Vira” (“Native Ukrainian National Faith”), which attempts to replace Christianity. The most massive attack against Christianity in the 21st century has started in Ukraine.

Christians! This bell tolls for you. Act. The people of Donbass will rebuild their churches in any case. But you can help them.

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