[May-June 2015] Kiev violated Minsk agreements by shelling Gorlovka: civilians killed, lives ruined [EoT DPR TV]

The tragedy of family Tuv from the city of Gorlovka. In the end of May 2015 Kiev army violated the Minsk agreements by using heavy weapons against civilians and shelled the city of Gorlovka and other nearby towns of Donetsk People’s Republic.

During the attack of Ukrainian army on May 26 five civilians, including an 11-year-old girl, were killed, another nine civilians were wounded. One of the shells hit the house of family Tuv and forever ruined the lives of its members. The father of the family, a 46-year-old man, was murdered, the 11-year-old daughter was torn in two parts in the explosion in front of her mother, the mother lost her left arm, the 6-year-old son and 2-week-old baby were wounded.


The mother and two children are now in hospital in Donetsk, where they have received treatment. They gave an interview to a Donetsk militiaman (call sign “Texas”) from United States. The mother, Anna Tuv, told the militiaman how happy the whole family was two weeks ago, when a baby was born, and how she felt now, when Poroshenko and his solders took away the lives of her 11-year-old daughter and the husband. On behalf of her murdered daughter, Anna Tuv begged the world to stop Ukrainian regime from harming mothers and their children.

This tragedy is hard to watch. But spreading the story of this family and the stories of other Donetsk families, whose lives have been ruined by Ukrainian army and Ukrainian fascists, inspired by Stepan Bandera and his ideas of superiority of the Ukrainian nation, is one of the actions that each of us could do to stop this genocide in Donbass.

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