17.03.2015 Requiem ceremony in memory of murdered children of Donbass, Donetsk

A requiem ceremony which took place on March 17, 2015 on the central square of Donetsk to commemorate the children of Donbass murdered by Kiev’s punitive forces. Several dozen children have been murdered in the war that the Ukrainian junta started against its citizens in Donbass.

One of the most recent child victims was an 8-year old girl Polina, who was murdered on March 16, 2015 in Konstantinovka city, which has been under control of Kiev junta’s punitive forces. Drunk Ukrainian soldiers run an armored vehicle over Polina, her aunt and a baby in a stroller – all of this happened away from the road. Polina and her aunt died. Fed up, Konstantinovka residents started protesting against the presence of the junta’s forces. Later that evening they were throwing stones at the windows of the dormitory that housed the junta’s soldiers and allegedly tried to set it on fire, demanding to surrender those guilty of this tragedy to them.

Shortly after, the neo-Nazi “Right sector” units entered the city to crackdown on the mass protests; the Kiev junta’s then-Advisor to the Interior Minister and the junta’s Parliament member Gerashenko declared in an interview that the punitive forces were allowed to use lethal arms against the protesters if “this traffic accident will be used as a pretext to armed clashes”. Gunshots were reported to be heard throughout the city. A large number of people were reported to be arrested for the protest. Even though the junta admitted every fact that is laid here, the Western media largely ignored this outrageous tragedy that has been symptomatic of all of the junta’s regime.

Konstantinovka remains under the control of the punitive forces; additional forces have been sent there the following day. There is still a lack of information and news from Konstantinovka.